Aceh Traditional Dance

Aceh Traditional Dance – Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia, located on the island of Sumatra. At the time of the 2004 Tsunami ago, Aceh is the area most severely felt the consequences. As well as famous Tsunami dance that has been recognized World beauty. If you ever see art and culture in an international performances then maybe you will see Aceh Traditional Dance is very beautiful, the Saman dance. Saman dance is one of the exciting dance performance art belongs to Indonesia, often staged as a dance ambassador of Indonesia in various international competitions. This dance was created by a cleric named Sheikh Saman Aceh the 16th century AD Beginning, this dance is just plain folk dances. But seeing the enthusiastic people who are so great at this dance, the Sheikh Saman menyisipinya with religious messages and values ​​struggle because at the time it was a time of struggle.

Aceh Traditional Dance known as the original dance from the Gayo people because this dance was born in Central Aceh. Modern society from outside Indonesia that mimics many cohesiveness, harmony and velocity of the Saman dance. However, the authenticity of this dance will never be replicated because the values ​​that exist in every movement of the Saman dance only in Aceh. Published by a group of traditional dancers who mostly wore colorful uniforms were bright, this dance is actually the development of Aceh dance called Pok Ane. Saman dance hand in hand with poetry, music, and nyayian combined with clapping, pats on the chest, and thighs. Every movement of the dance is very harmonious and fast that will make the audience amazed.

Saman dance is played by the attractive and dynamic movement by 10-12 dancers, however, the integrity and unity of Saman supported at least 15-17 dancers. During development, this dance is also performed by women or a mixture of men and women with the addition of another modification range of motion. Movement on Saman dance is unique because it only shows the movement of applause, pat his chest, and similar movements. Aceh Traditional Dance All dancers must dance with the harmonic motion and speed usually Saman longer semakuin improved and it makes it very interesting dance.

Saman dance is displayed is not accompanied by musical instruments, but accompanied by using the voice of the dancers and their applause harmonization combined with hitting the chest and thigh as synchronization and threw their bodies in different directions. Aceh Traditional Dance guided by a leader who is usually called Sych.

Saman dance shown in a sitting position, including the type of art sitting ratoh (sitting dance) dancers who sat kneeling position, depressed weight to both feet.

Since the formation compactness and timeliness is a major factor in the show of Aceh Traditional Dance then the dancers are required to have a high concentration and exercise seriously and focus in order to perform perfectly.
Saman dance from Aceh has been listed as World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. Tari Saman received registration to UNESCO to become a heritage of Indonesia and the world in the category of cultural heritage is not the object.

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